Is this all that will ever be

Will God make sense out of misery

Will we rise to our infinite great

Or will we fail to shine or emulate

For a greater purpose we were born

To rise above the average and norm

Become the person you were meant to be

To be your  greatest to soar so free

The flesh, it binds you to an unhealthy path

It ensnares you; death the aftermath

Two paths are available at all times

The path you choose; don’t go at it blind

Complacency is a dangerous choice

Choose said path you’ll lose your voice

The voice in which you were created to sing

That voice, if  you use, will be your greatest blessing

The blessing it is to follow the truth

To walk in light and be the best version of you

Don’t compromise, though it be a challenge

Hold your head up high and embrace the knowledge

The knowledge, it comes as you progress

Through life’s trials even during the stress

Learn all you can from this here life

Learn from others, don’t make the same mistake twice

Trust in your instinct and love all that you meet

Give until it hurts and share your beliefs

Be motivated by love in all that you do

Forgive others as you would want done to you

This life you have, you only get one

Will you inspire others or die unknown

You were created to accomplish more than you think

Don’t lose your life for something bleak

Take hold of the call God gave you from the beginning

Live with purpose and share that meaning

Be the greatest you can be, never comprise

Take your place and live a strong life

Let others see the greatness in you

Point others to Jesus, the life the Truth

Don’t waste your time here on this Earth

Live for something greater; be what you’re worth

Don’t waste this life that God has given you

Be something great and share His Truth










Days were long then

Filled with purpose and a plan

Not enough hours

To complete all the challenges

Days seemed like they’d always be the same

Minutes ticked by

Going no place

So it seemed

Passing into history

Life had a meaning then

Now just a memory

Those days are no more

A vapor only remembered

Now the days are long

Nothing like before

Purpose is obscure

Minutes tick away

Leaving purpose in a blur

How did it change

How did I get here

Where are the days that held the meaning

It used to be so clear

Where is the purpose now

Its almost so demeaning

Eating away at my life

Moment by moment

I watch it slip by

Into eternity, time is lost forever

How did I get here

Will it ever change

The one thing time has told me

It never remains the same

Change is inevitable

Hold tight, my dear child

For this too has meaning

A purpose for your growth

Your character will bloom

This will produce fruit

Wait until the season is over

The harvest will be abundant

You will thank me for the delay

For in that delay your purpose has been refined

Don’t question my timing

Trust and remain obedient

Know that through the weary days

This too has a purpose

You cannot see,  how I see you

You cannot see, what I’m doing for you

But know this my dear daughter

This season too has meaning

Like precious metal in the fire

You will come out shining

A masterpiece, created by me

A work of art

Meant for all to see

My glory will be radiant

You will shine like the moon

Others will see my glory

Flower ready to bloom

You will see the purpose through the confusion

All in My time

Trust It like the air you breath

Hold to It like your life depends upon It

For it does

Keep your head held high

Trust in my plans for you

Never let fear stop the growth you’re going through

Trust. Believe. Hold tight to your faith

For I have never left you alone

Never left you to your own fate

All things have a purpose

A reason for the emotion

Trust me, dear child

For my love is like an ocean

An ocean to consume you during the times when you may doubt

Water to rush over you

When the fear wants to take you out

Living water to flow through you

To fill you internally with the strength that you need

To endure through this season

And during anytime you may want to flee

I have never left you, my beautiful girl

I will be here through this time

Trust me.

Hear My spirit leading

In the deep, dark time

You are not alone

Hear My whisper

Let My spirit comfort you

You will make it through

Trust. Believe.

You are not alone.