Voices in the Dark

As I go about my day

Life is hard for another in the gravest way

As I sit, sometimes alone

Their fear is greater than what I could ever know

As I prepare my evening meal

Their hope could be for anything, water still

As I say goodnight to my family, safe in their beads

Mother’s stay awake in agony, aching thoughts of fear occupy their heads

As I pray this evening, my heart will cry out

For comfort, peace and for love to pour down

God, hear our prayers, for those whos voice has been lost

Protect mother’s and their families, whos lives have been sought

God, hear our cry for mothers who weep

God, hear our cries for children who are stolen in their sleep

Innocence, Lord is ravaged everyday

Gives us your strength to send compassionate and tangable love their way

As we sit in our homes, our jobs or our cars

May we never forget those who have lost their lives or bare horrendous scars

As we go about, never let us grow complacent, but be ever aware

of the blessings we have for we could easily be on the other end of evils glare

God, hear our cries, for your children, today,

Protect them, Lord Jesus, come quickly, wipe this wickedness away


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