What do you believe in and why? When you leave this life, where will you be when you die?
Are these days really all you get?
If God is real, have you met him yet?
If you think He’s not, what do you base it upon?
Have ever thought about why your heart beats on?
Is it all by chance, can that really be true?
Then life is meaningless and then so are you.
The tree in the ground, the birds in the air.
Everything is made with purpose, all things, everywhere.
To fulfill a purpose, is your own choice, to ignore a creator is your choice as well,
but just because you deny Him, doesn’t mean it negates hell. Heaven is true and created for all and you,
but if you deny Him here, it will be as real as the sky’s blue.
Look in the mirror, or into the sky, deny if it you Like but you cannot ignore the signs.
Signs of life are everywhere, ask Him and He will declare.
Who He is, His love for you and more.
He stands ready to receive you, can you hear Him knocking on your door?
Why do you believe, I challenge you to think.
Don’t ignore Him. Listen, He wants to speak.
Open your heart, let go of your own mind,
let Him change who you are, let Him show you He’s divine.
He is real, He is true. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you.
Trust and believe with faith like a child, allow Him to show you and replace your fear With a smile. Nothing synthetic, but truth based on fact.
A truth that gives meaning and where logic can never lack.
Take a deep breath, feel your lungs take in the air.
The creator of the world, has placed you there.
Where you are now, this date and time.
Listen dear child you you we’re created by the Divine.
Can you hear Him, listen? He speaks with soft words.
Your life has a purpose, and no, Faith is not absurd.
Stop right now, and ask Him to speak to you.
Listen carefully, for He has a message of truth.
Truth, it’s who He is.
He is love, and it’s for you!
Choose today who you believe in….He’s the life, the way, the truth!


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