My Beautiful Girl, God Has a Plan

little girl silhouette

That day forever changed our lives

You looked so much like your dad

You were a real baby

You were my baby

God had a plan

I loved you, cared for you, the best I knew how

Your curly brown hair, and sweet little smile

You learned and grew, quickly

Spoke complete sentences before you were 2

Reading words and telling stories and always singing

God had a plan

You were quite the little communicator

We would sing and dance and play the day away

Your little car, and your Pooh Bear

and he had to have his best friend, Piglet

God had a plan

As we played and days passed

God saved us

You were my purpose

You were my joy

God had a plan

You loved church, and got to know who God was

You’d sing us the bible songs, you knew them all

Always made lots of friends

Art projects covered our walls

God had a plan

You became a big sister and were so good at it

You grew and learned and I believed you were the smartest kid on earth

None could be as smart as you

You were a giver always working for peace

God had a plan

You became a big sister again

You were the greatest, still

Our days were long, while dad was at work

We’d learn and sing and bake

God had a plan

Your favorite Barbie computer game was your goal at the end of the days

Those days passed fast

Before I knew it you were covered in make up and your attitude resembled something familiar

It was me

God had a plan

Those days passed too and you were still so beautiful

A heart to change the world

You’d sing your songs and share your gift with others

You had grown so quickly, It was hard to understand

But I knew that God ALWAYS had a plan

Then, adulthood came quickly

And I had to let you go

I saw a young lady, who I knew you’d always become

the little girl we’d always prayed for was now all grown up

God had a plan

Your heart, it’s still there

Your voice and your song

Your love for others

your gifts have not gone

God HAS a plan

My baby no longer

My little girl with piggy tails

Those days are vivid, I will never forget

You changed our lives, a world changer for sure

God Had a plan

As you continue in life, a young lady now

I know and I trust that all things will ALWAYS work out

They always did, and always have

God has always been there

HE has a plan

He carried you in my tummy

He carried you while you grew

He carried you through teenage years when things seemed ever blue

He carried you through your transition into adult hood and has never left your side

God has a plan

As you enter a new season, never fear my beautiful girl

For God has always been there

He knows your path, your dreams your hopes

He’s given them to you

Now walk your walk with your head held high, and sing your song,

go change the world, for GOD HAS A PLAN













2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Girl, God Has a Plan

  1. How sweet! My daughter became a mother fifteen months ago, and it’ s been just a joy to watch her continue to grow in the Lord, She is so determined to be a good and godly mommy. Thanks for stopping by! 3Jo 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

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