Sometime in 2013…

One day you wake up and you realize that you are no longer in your twenties. Your kids are older, your husband has grey hair, and that older looking woman in the mirror with those faint wrinkles, smile lines, and an extra 30 lbs. looks familiar but yet you don’t know who she is. This was me. I woke up at thirty five, and realized I needed to re-evaluate a few things in my life.

What used to be a priority in my life in my twenties, no longer meant a whole lot of anything now in my mid-thirties. The house was never clean anymore, the bills kept coming, and my kids no longer needed strollers, diapers, or me for that matter. So I thought.

I realized, once I turned 35 that I was not getting any younger and I really wanted my life and the rest of my years here to mean something. I always thought I wanted to do something great. You know something so huge that the whole world would see it and be like “Wow, look at her and what she did with her life, she’s amazing!” I thought by 35 I would have done that. I hadn’t.

So, I did some “soul searching”, so to speak. Tried to evaluate what the new priorities were in my life. I came to this realization. We only get one life. Every day adds up to create the lifetime that you get. It’s in those daily moments that you achieve something great. It’s in those moments of doing homework, or cooking dinner or driving to school, or going to the grocery store that make up one’s life. It’s those little moments that we only get one of, that we become great! Share a smile, a hug, an encouraging word, or even silence. We have the opportunity every day to make a difference.

I love my family, they are my passion. I want them to know that they are one of my greatest accomplishments, and that I am proud of them. But a midst my passion to help them realize the important things in life, I have also learned that my passion is two-fold.

I now not only realize that it is important for me to cherish those moments and make them great for my family but also in this big world. My greatness can be shared every day. When I share a smile with someone at the grocery store, or hold a door open for someone or have a better attitude at work, I am making a difference. I may not have a huge platform to stand on, but I can make a small difference in someone’s life, moment by moment. All of those little moments will add up and create my life, as a whole, thus, making every little moment count as greatness.

I may never receive a Nobel Peace Prize, become President, or own a fortune 500 company, but, in my daily life, I can make a difference. I can love my family and cherish the moments I spend with them. I can be passionate about my job, even though it is not my dream job, nor where I want to retire. I can share a smile with a stranger, be kind to someone who in the moment may not deserve it. I can have passion for my family and for people regardless of what the task at hand is.

We can all be great, where ever we are. We can be great in our families (our children still need us, regardless of how old they are), in our jobs, or at the grocery store. We all can make a difference. We all need a little kindness. I may not change the world, but I can change me, and in changing me, I can make a difference for those around me.


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