#2 Day 3

Today we had to research some superstars. What can we learn from the people who have blazed the trails before us? What can we learn from those who have stepped out of their comfort zone and accomplished their dreams?

Well, one thing I’ve found to be true, and no, it’s not rocket science, but I guess it’s just starting to sink in like never before. I think it’s grounding itself in my mind and being, now, because I never really believed I could do so much more than what I was doing. I always thought I had to just follow those who were great and mimic what they did. Never really becoming great myself, only a replica. The more I see this the more I know it to be false.

The one common thread that weaves all “greats” or predecessors together is that they were the firsts. Yes, they had people to look up to. They had their inspirations, motivators and people they wanted to be like, but they had to be first.

Today as we were driving home from work, I read a segment in Jon Acuff’s book, Stuff Christians Like, called “Confessing Safe Sins”. There were two sentences that caught my eye. “It’s so much harder to be first. Someone has to be first and think it has to be us.” This resonated in my mind and reaffirmed what I had been thinking about earlier.

Earlier in the day I had these thoughts. Why is it I have to be the positive one, all the time? Why is it that I have to be the encourager? Why is it that I can’t depend on certain people the same way that they depend on me? I don’t want to always be the one leading the parade of happiness. I want someone to encourage me.

So, these were my thoughts. The problem with these thoughts are numerous, yet their truth is simple. I have to be first. First to take a step. First to let go of fear. First to venture out and do something that maybe no one else has ever done. The first to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

Don’t get me wrong, we can learn, grow and gain wisdom and insight from those who have gone before us. But, somewhere, somehow, we have to take that step. We have to leave the land of familiar. We have to be the first to run, write, go back to school, and believe in ourselves. We have to take the first step. We have to encourage, even when we feel like we want someone to encourage us.

We all want to quote the great thinkers and motivators, but who’s to say that we too can’t create “deep thoughts” Who are we to limit and leave the awesomeness to only those who are already in the grave?

It’s time, STARTERS, that we believe we can have a great idea. It’s time we believe that we can write that book we’ve always wanted to write. It’s time we believe that we can be the father, mother, friend, leader, teacher, or speaker we’ve always dreamed of. We can do it. We can be the first.

Like Jon said, “Someone has to go first, and I think it should be us.”

I agree.

No one in my family has ever been first, but I am going to change those statistics. I will be the first to accomplish more than just the status quo. I will be the first to dream big. I will be the first to believe that I was created for a greater purpose. I will be the first to believe that I was made to be more than just average.

Not because I am anything awesome, but because I have the ability to be awesome and help others believe that they too can be awesome.

We can flip that switch from average to awesome, and thanks to a fellow “learner” and a newfound inspiration of mine, I am learning how to do so.

It’s time. Average is average. Awesome is awesome. Let us go out and be more than what we ever thought possible.

If all of those before us could conquer their fears and take the first steps to becoming awesome, then we can do it too!

We all have the ability to be awesome. Don’t be afraid to be first. Just do it!


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